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 Main Features:
 25MHz~200MHz Bandwidth
 Up to 2GS/s real time sample rate
 Max.6000 record length for each channel
 Dual channels plus External trigger
 Waveform mathematic functions
 7.8/8" inch color LCD display for large view
 PC communication through the USB or
 RS232 port for real-time data transmission
 Advanced trigger: Edge trigger, Video trigger and
 Alternate trigger
  1. Electronic circuit test and debug
  2. In house Design
  3. Education and Training
  4. Service and Maintenance

  Oscilloscope Specification
 Model  PDS5022S

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 Bandwidth  25MHz  40MHz  60MHz  60MHz  100MHz 200MHZ
 Sample Rate ( Real time )  100MS/s  250MS/s  250MS/s  500MS/s  1GS/s for one channel, 500MS/s for Dual Channels 2GS/s for one channel, 1GS/s for dual channels
 Rise time  ≤14ns  ≤8.75ns  ≤5.8ns  ≤5.8ns  ≤3.5ns ≤1.7ns
 Display  7.8 inch colored LCD, STN 8" Color TFT, 640×480 pixels
 Channel  Dual channels+ external trigger
 Sampling mode  Normal sample﹑Peak detect and Average
 Record length
 Max.5000 per channel  Max.6000 per channel Max. 2M
 Horizontal scale (s/div)
 Vertical sensitivity  5mV ~5V/div (at BNC input)
 DC Gain Accuracy
 ±5%   ±3%
 Max. input voltage
 300V(PK-PK)(DC + AC PK-PK)  400V(PK-PK)(DC+AC PK-PK)
 Input impedance
 1MΩ±2% in parallel with 20pF±5pF   1MΩ±2% in parallel with  20pF±5pF
 Input coupling
 Trigger Mode
 Edge、Video  Edge、Video、Alternate
 Vertical resolution (A/D)  8 bits (2CH simultaneously)
 Sampling rate / relay time  accuracy  ±100ppm
 Single:±(1 interval time+100ppm×reading+0.6ns)
 Average>16:±(1 interval time +100ppm×reading+0.4ns)
 Waveform storage  4 waveforms
 Automatic measurement  Peak-to-Peak, Average, Root mean square, Frequency, and Cycle
 Waveform math  +、-、Invert, FFT
Bandwidth  25MHz 40MHz 60MHz 60MHz 100MHz
Phase difference  ±3 degrees
 Interface  USB
 AC  100-240 VACRMS,50Hz,CAT II
 Dimension  350mm(L)*157mm(H)*103mm(W)
1KG 1.75KG
*Manufacturer reserves the right to change these technical specification at anytime without prior notice.

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