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  +MSO Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer


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 Main Features:
 Two-in-One (Digital Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer)
 25MHz~200MHz Bandwidth, up to 2GS/s real time sample rate
 16 optional logic inputs
 Max 6000 recorded points per channel
 Dual channels Scope + External trigger + Logic Analyzer
 Large 7.8 inch color LCD display
 Support USB data transmission, display by real-time
 Advanced trigger functions: Edge trigger, Bus trigger,Pattern trigger,
Sequential queue trigger, Distributed queue trigger and Data width trigger.
Design and Debug
Circuit function test
Identified signals logic information
Mixed signal circuit test
Education & Training

 Model Name  MSO5022  MSO7102T MSO8202T (NEW)
 Bandwidth  25MHz  100MHz 200Mhz
 Sample Rate(Real time)  100MS/s  on each channel  500 MS/s on dual channels
 1GS/s  on one channel
up to 2GS/s(1GS/s for dual channels)
 Rise time  ≤14ns  ≤3.5ns ≤1.7ns
 Display  7.8 inch color LCD STN 8" TFT screen, 640×480 pixels
 Channel  Dual channels + external trigger +  Logic Analyzer
 Horizontal scale (s/div)  5ns/div-100s/div,steps1-2-5  2ns/div-100s/div steps 1-2-5 1ns/div-100s/div steps 1-2-5
 Interval(△T)accuracy(full  bandwidth)  Single:±(1 interval time+100ppm×reading+0.6ns)
 Average>16:±(1 interval time +100ppm×reading+0.4ns)
 Vertical Sensitivity

 5mV/div -5V/div

 2mV/div -10V/div

 DC Gain Accuracy  ±3%
 Vertical resolution (A/D)  8bits resolution (2CH simultaneously)
 Max. Input Voltage  300V(DC+ AC Peak) (1MΩ input  impedance,ProbeAttenuation rate 10:1)  400V(DC + AC Peak)
 Input impedance  1MΩ±2% in parallel with 20pF±5pF  1MΩ±2% in parallel  with  15pF±3pF
 Input coupling  DC,AC  DC,AC,GND
 Trigger Mode  Edge、Video、Alternate、Mains supply
 Sampling Mode  Normal, Peak detection, Average
 Record length  Max. 6000 points on each channel
 Waveform storage  4 waveforms
 Automatic Measurement  PK-PK, Average, RMS, Frequency, Cycle.
 Waveform math  +,-, Inverted,  FFT
 AC  100-240VAC 50Hz,CAT II
 Battery  7.4V, 8000mAh
 Dimension  370mm×180mm×120mm
 Weight  2.2KG
  Logic Analyzer
 Sample rate (real time)


 Bandwidth  33MHz  66MHz
 Channels  16
 Record length  2M/per channel
 Input impedance  1MΩ±2%
 Trigger mode Edge trigger, Bus trigger, State trigger, Data alignment trigger, Data  width trigger, Distributed queue trigger
 Trigger position setting  Pre-trigger, mid-trigger, Post-trigger
 Threshold Voltage  0~4V(4 settings)
 Input Signal Range  0~5V
 Data search  Support
 Data  Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal
 Digital filter  0,1,2 optional
 Settings  Store up to 10 settings
 USB storage  Support Direct output

*Manufacturer reserves the right to change these technical specification at anytime without prior notice.

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